Help! I’m gay and a Christian, where can I get support?

Just because you’re gay and a Christian doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need any more support than anyone else. Plenty of LGB Christians are happily leading ordinary lives and getting on with their faith, church, vocation and relationships.

Having said that, almost every LGB Christian we’ve come across has found some part of this a struggle. As Brenda, one of the contributors to Living It Out puts it, “We have all – LGB and straight – received so many negative messages, especially from church, it would be surprising if some of us do not need to unscramble the tangle.”

We suggest you start by thinking what kind of  support you’re after. Do you want help understanding whether it’s okay to be gay and a Christian? Or to get advice about how coming out to friends and family? Do you want to meet other people in the same situation or to find an LGB-friendly church? Next have a look at our Links page to see if anything suggested there fits your needs.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like further pointers. We’d better say now that we can’t help everyone  individually, but we can put our heads together with yours to help find someone who can.

Rachel Hagger-Holt & Sarah Hagger-Holt

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