Is the church really so hung up about gay people?

Tell us about it! If you’ve found this site and you’re a non-Christian – be it youth worker, counsellor, teacher, or someone else  looking for an insight into issues facing LGB Christians – you’re forgiven if you’re baffled at just what a fuss some Christians can make about LGB people.

But it does appear that yes, at the moment, in much of the world, the church is more hung up about gay people than pretty much anything else.

Why is this? Well, there are lots of theories. Some say it’s  to do with arguments over the authority of the Bible, or about power struggles between churches in different countries or about a wider insecurity about sexuality and gender.

We’ll leave it as, ‘It’s complicated, and understanding it is beyond us.’ If you really want to know more about the politics behind it all, we tried to find you a website with a good summary, but can’t! If you track one down, please let us know.

Sarah Hagger-Holt & Rachel Hagger-Holt

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  1. Rachel says:

    We’ve had feedback offering some resources that others might find helpful in answering this question. They speak from a liberation theology perspective about LGB people:

    People: Virginia Ramey Mollenkott
    Nancy Wilson
    Mary E. Hunt
    Carter Heyward
    Janie Spahr

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