FAQ: What about the Bible passages and the theological arguments about homosexuality?

We read an awful lot of theology and Biblical debate about gay people before we decided to write Living It Out.  But we decided to start in a different place – by writing about people’s lived experience. This was because we found that while reading pro- and anti-gay theology was interesting and important, it was also frustrating as it gave us few ideas of how to live our lives as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) Christians.

But from talks we’ve given about the book, we’ve realised that many Christians have not heard the theology or Biblical interpretations which conclude that it’s within God’s will for people to identify as LGB and to be in same-sex relationships.

So, if you’re after the theological background to LGB lives, or if you want to know about specific verses in the Bible, we can suggest some places to look. All should be available via your local bookshop and more info is available on Amazon:

George Hopper Reluctant journey: a pilgrimage of faith from homophobia to Christian love (can be downloaded here)

Jeffrey John Permanent, faithful, stable

Michael Vasey Strangers and friends: new exploration of homosexuality and the Bible

James Alison Faith beyond resentment: fragments Catholic and gay

Rachel Hagger-Holt & Sarah Hagger-Holt

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